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        Usage: For Eyelashes Extensions1. Made of PE material, microporous, breathable and comfortable.2. This eyelash extension tape is gentle and will not harmsensitive skin.3. In the eyelash extension process, it can be used to isolate the upper and lower eyelashes.4. Very suitable...


        - This lint free gel Eye Pads is ideal type for professionalist using in the eyelash extension.To make your work faster and cleaner,It is a perfect type that cover all the under lashes. - Can Be Used For: Eyelash Extension...


        Convenient perfect eyelid model, let us practice eyelash anytime and anywhere. Delicate and portable, it is a perfect training tool for Eyelash Extension. It can simulate the most real eye structure of human body, and can move anytime and anywhere,...


        DescriptionFoam eye pads is gentle to the skin and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.It is the perfect choice for customers who are allergic to collagen and gel patches.Ideal for eyelash extension to cover the lower eyelashes or stop the...


        Description1. Exquisite production, seamless and perfect metal fasteners, easy to open and close.2. Fits up to 7 Tweezers.3. Tip: there are no tweezers and tools in the tweezers case.DetailsColor: Red, Pink, Black or White.Size: Closed: 155mm x 80mm Opened: 145mm...


        Eyelash Extension Tweezers Organizer Storage Box Purpose:Delicate tweezers box can be tweezers to keep clean, slotted design to keep tweezers neatWith slot design, it is a shockproof, fine tweezers care toolSmall size, multi-purpose, portable for travel, convenient and fastSpecifications:Condition: 100% brand...


        Description1、Help make your tweezers sharp2、Very simple and convenient to use3、Suitable for all types of tweezers4、Very light and easy to carryDetailQuantity:10 piecesColor:pink, yellow, orangeSize:3.5CM*2.4CM/each


        Usage-Scrub gently with a brush and soap. Rinse with water.-Mix barbicide with water according to its label. Fill mixed barbicide in Glow Tweezer Sanitizing Tray-Put tweezers in the Glow tweezer sanitizing tray-Let it soak for 10 minutes-Remove tweezers and rinse...


        GALA Marble Tweezer Stand displays up to 8 of your favourite tweezers, providing the perfect combination of organization and style. The clear top protects your tweezers and keeps them free of dust and debris. Materials: ACRYLICSize:17.5cm*16cm*4cmP.S. There will be a protective...


        Eyelash shaped decorative wall stickers, made of density board, water-based paint is safe, environmentally friendly and healthy. New design, can decorate your lash studios. Size: 15*11*0.6cm